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Where do you Shower?

So I'm still warming up to this whole 'van life' living.

If you're on my Facebook or Instagram you are living this journey with me as it happens.

Something I get asked a lot, and something I was primarily worried about when planning this new life was Where the hell are you going to shower?

Now as much as I would love to be able to walk out of my bedroom & jump into a lovely hot, bubbly bathtub my SUV isn't quite spacious enough for that luxury so where the hell am I going to shower?

Today I was lucky enough, (*cough* pikey *cough* enough) to be able to sneak into the beautiful 5* resort Jasper Park Lodge Fairmont Hotel's spa.

If you try this yourself, I thoroughly recommend walking a walk around the hotel of choice without lugging your rucksack just so you can locate the nearest pool facilities & see if a room key card is required. *Spoiler alert - Jasper Park Lodge does not require that feature. Once you're located just walk right in. If the unfortunate circumstance arises that a competent worker were to ask for your room number, simply respond with Not too sure yet, my family are arriving & checking in shortly it's worked without fault so far.

I intend on using this method to get me across from Canada to USA.

After my beautiful 3 hour, skin wrinkling experience in the outdoor heated pool with freezing rain pouring down I walked back to the changing room which is equipped with: Sauna, Steam Room, Luxurious HOT showers, Shampoos, Conditioners, Lotions, Mouthwash, Shavers, Slippers, Robes, Hairdryers, STRAIGHTENERS!!!! I walked out this establishment feeling cleaner & more fresh than I have ever felt in my life. I also walked out with some new slippers & bath robe... I won't tell if you won't....

Thoroughly recommend this method if you're starting out in "van life" & unsure of where to shower.

Although my SUV isn't equipped with a lovely bathtub it is packed with a SOLAR SHOWER, which I haven't been able to test out yet as it's snowing in Jasper National Park. (I know, it's JUNE, aaaaand ITS SNOWING)

Other places I will be showering:

* Truck stops

*Campsites *Beach showers *My Solar Shower & If I find it completely necessary I will purchase a month to month gym membership at Planet Fitness as they are all over America and it's only $10.00 for 30 days.

I will update this blog when I successfully use any other shower facilities for dirt cheap or better yet, FREE!!!!

Jasper Park Lodge Facilities:


Ladies Changing Room

Clean Linen & Bathroom

So Far:

- Jasper Park Lodge (Fairmont).... Free -Banff Springs (Fairmont)... Free

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