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The first nights always the hardest?

While I've been planning this entire journey over the past few months (feels like a lifetime) one phrase that I've been told over & over & over again is: The first night is always the hardest! I can understand why this might be the case. You're alone, REALLY alone. You can't turn over or starfish in bed and plug your phone in to charge. You can't starfish because you have just about enough room to lay flat (thanks genetics for making me a short ass), and you cannot plug in your devices because your "house" has no power supply.

If anything, I already know that this trip is really going to make me realize how much we rely on our phones, iPads, laptops, gaming stations etc when really in the grand scheme of things they're huge distractions from the world that really is a lot more entertaining & it goes without saying a whole lot more beautiful.

Jasper National Park

Now my first night. It wasn't THAT hard. Maybe I really did over prepare myself for the worst case scenario so the reality was actually more than bearable. Or maybe I'm just a real gypsy at heart. Because I have never felt more comfortable, more free.

Downloading movies from Netflix is also an absolute life saviour. I was laying under my fairy lights with my iPad propped up watching Identity Thief until I passed the f out.

I also did ease myself into this trip quite lavishly. I made the drive from Edmonton to Jasper National Park, I filled up gas, got a Tim Hortons Iced Coffee & Sandwich, then after arriving in Jasper I walked around briefly & tucked into a burger at a restaurant. This will not be the norm. If this was the norm I would be booking my flight to come home now as I will be wealthy enough to eat out a whole 7 times before having to go home a broke ass b*@%&.

Happy to say after just 24 hours of this 'van life' malarkey I feel excited, calm, a little nervous. In just 24 hours I have already made some friends who are also living nomadically. To have some real similar interests when talking to new people. It is so refreshing. It's only been 24 hours & I still have several more months of this. How friggin' cool.

Don't get me wrong, I'd give this all up in a heartbeat to be able just to go back & stay in Edmonton but I cannot do that so I'm embracing every ounce of the rest of this year.

Is it a Car? Is it a RV? Is it a house? I have no idea either.

This morning reality set in when I attempted grocery shopping in bloody Jasper National Park. A loaf of stale bread was $6.00. I got a few bits to last me until I head out to Banff. I honestly believe Jasper-Banff is going to be the most expensive part of my trip. Until I reach civilization again & can do my grocery shop at Dollarama like a normal person.... right?

So maybe after all the first night wasn't the hardest for me, but the second night.....We shall see.

My view before I close my eyes to sleep


Also thank you to everyone who has reached out to my on Facebook, Instagram & text message wishing me well & so curious to see the completion of my build.

This is something, as mentioned before, I have spent a lifetime working on & to me it's not quite DONE yet but will it ever be? I will try and get some footage this week to SHOW you all my home, THIS weekend. Keep your fingers & toes crossed that the weather holds out enough so I can sort my home & then grab some videos so you can really see what I see!

I will post the video here to my blog, to my Youtube, Facebook & Instagram.

I hope you're all as proud as I am of it. Maybe I've hyped it up too much? But trust me blood, sweat, tears & SO much money has gone into this. This build is the reason I'm grocery shopping in Dollarama as thats all I'll be able to afford.

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