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Hi, I’m Jazmine. I’m 24 from Southampton, England. I was diagnosed with depression & anxiety around 5 years ago. I had huge body confidence issues. I was bed bound & suicidal for longer than I care to admit. If you told me all that time ago that I would be climbing mountains, solo travelling & panic attack free in the near future I would NOT have believed you.

Fast forward to now I’m doing exactly that & I am truly the happiest I have ever been. The smile you see in this photo is not forced, it is not faked.

Like everyone in this day & age, and everyone reading this post currently we all have skeletons in our closets. We have all experienced hardships, heartbreak & struggles both mentally & physically. We have all at one point or another made mistakes, done something we are not proud of, said something we shouldn’t have & that is because we are all HUMAN. There is no handbook on this confusing 80+ years thing that we call life.

There is no right or wrong way to do anything.

We all have a purpose & our purpose is to do exactly whatever the hell it is we want to do.

When I was down in my rut of mental health battling I was so frustrated at how nothing seemed to shift my mood. Nothing changed.

Thats because I was doing the same damn thing everyday. It wasn’t until I made a CHANGE for myself, a CHANGE occurred in my life & led me to the mental stability that I have found myself in today.

I am happier & healthier & with small changes you too can find your true self.

Your true happiness.

Your true PURPOSE.

Believe in yourself & make a change, for YOU.

In the words of @tripp I AM REALLY OUT HERE.

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